Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jama' al-Fna

The Jama' al Fna, loosely translated to the Mosque of the Ruin, is anything but. This UNESCO heritage site is filled with snake charmers, dancers, scribes, food stalls and even some cheeky monkeys. The sites, smells and sounds are unlike any thing you have ever experienced. Smoke and sounds mingle together and the air seems to be blurred. You see locals and tourist rub shoulders while eating street cuisine and children fall asleep on shoulders while watching magicians.

a fishing game to win the soda bottle
chicken couscous and grilled lamb

Chez Aicha - food stall in Jama' al-Fna

options at Chez Aicha

From night to day

The Jama' al-Fna seems to change with the addition of the light. The snake charmers come out during the day and you can watch from a safe distance while sipping free squeezed orange juice at a juice stand. 

Snake charmers
 fresh squeezed juice stalls

berber dancer


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  2. Bridget Geerlings26 February 2013 at 12:29

    REALLY digging the picture of the guy with the monkey on the leash.